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The web site name is primarily about the good old days when we have full service gas stations spread across America. There were many other business that provided a broader service than we have now and I'll get into them as the site grows.

Harry Truman was elected president in 1945 and I was about three years old. The war was over and Dad's Chrysler showroom was stocked with new cars again. I soon found out that I came into a world that would be much different than that of my parents. People much older than me can tell you about the Great Depression and World War 11 that my parents also lived through. During World War 11, all the car plants were producing war machinery instead of cars. New tires were in short supply and you had to settle for recaps. Many food items were rationed out. Dad had to make a living repairing cars and installing seat covers as the factory upholstery soon wore out. But now, life was going to be prosperous for a long time. Now, in the last 15 to 20 years there has been a serious deterioration of America from within. This moves me to take a look back to the "Good Old Days" and consider what was really good about them. To be honest, there are also many things that we wouldn't want to go back too.

The most noticeable change I remember is that all the stores were closed on Sunday. The exceptions to that were a few gas stations and a couple convenience stores and ice cream parlor. Other than those exceptions, our downtown was locked up tight on Sunday because it was held as a Holy Day.


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My first car, not quite


My second Oldsmobile

Life in the 50's

We spend a third of our life in school, so I'll start with that.

 Are you ready for Hydra-Matic transmission school?

See how the Dual Range worked, the last model used in the 1955 Oldsmobile.

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My fathers garage in 1929 and the Whore House next door. New material added.


Erkkila's Garage and North End of 5th Street in Calumet Michigan

 Things I remembed from the 40's

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The Saga of Cristo Balladingo

  Dads News Paper Company


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Williams car show