The Lions Club in the small town of Christiana, Pennsylvania has a Hillbilly Crew called the Christiana Clampett's. The Clampett's will abandon their day jobs and travel in their jalopy across the United States bringing fun times from the Big Apple to the Hills of Beverly. In 1994, they traveled Clampett style from Pennsylvania to Kentucky in order to raise money for Campaign Sight First. The response in 1994 was so overwhelming that the Clampett's decided to do an even bigger road trip during the summer of 1999 to raise money for KIIDSIGHT projects. They are headed out to promote one of the four humanitarian concerns of Lionism, preserving sight. The primary receiver of the funds is KIDSIGHT, which is the photoscreening of pie school and nonverbal children to help detect and correct their eye disorders.
Using the support of local Lions Clubs and other similar community organizations along the way, "Granny," "Jeb," "Bo," "Nellie July," and other kinfolk plan to raise money by staging live performances and selling souvenirs as they make stops in various towns along the way. They entertain with Bluegrass music, jokes. and good stories. They often ask local talent to perform with them along the way. They will offer, for a donation the right to autograph the 1929 Chevrolet flivver (jalopy), which is not a reproduction but the real thing. It was discovered, neglected and rusting, on a farmer's land and lovingly restored Clampett style by "Jeb" and the family.
Not one penny of donations will defray the costs of this journey, such as food, lodging, and gas. The "Clampett's" will cover these expenses. Every cent raised will be donated to KIDSIGHT projects.
What can you do to help the Clampett's accomplish their goal? The Clampett's need you to introduce them to the public in your area. The Clampett's will arrive in their Jalopy and entertain your audience. Interviews with the ClampeWs, and the visual and audio impact that the Clampett's present have been unique, crowd pleasing events. Together, let's create some airtime and publicity to announce this significant event.

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call the Clampett hotline: 610-593-6806