Dad's News Paper

The Copper Country News

This is how the building looks in 2010 and fifty five years after Dad started a new News Paper in Calumet Michigan.

I went inside dieing to see what was going on inside as I remember what it was like in the late fifties when working there. The business office up front where the managers and editors worked looked the same except, there were computers on the desks with one only one person working. They were now a print shop and not publishing a weekly paper. There was another fella in the production area that came forward so I explained it was a trip down memory lane for me. Looking in the back, I stated to them, "All the Linotypes are gone". There were about six of then along he left side of the room. One of them stated the Linos have been gone for years. Then I asked to see the huge Goss Comet press in the basement. Gone too they said. And I wanted a picture of that.

First edition, April 16, 1959 

A few days ago, I called my fried Russell Javi who still lives up that way, "Russell, what was the name of the news paper", as I had forgotten. He didn't remember either. Russell asked for my mailing address and few few days later a package arrive. He stated in a note that his mother had saved this paper and here it is.

   The close up shows the Vol.1, No. 1
 Russell also sent me a print of the picture used in the front page shown above. Russell's dad is the second guy from the left. He was the press man and Russell and I worked for him in the press room in the basement. My father (Henry Anderson (right of center) is the man in a hat and listed as executive Vice President.
   As I was leaving the building, one of the men said, "Look on the glass, as the old name is still there." This was the name of the publishing company before dad took over.
 The guys then called me back inside and said, " come back and see something that is still here". It was the "Calapedia" a nick name they gave the Chandler-Price job press referred to as the C&P. They said it's used all the time for those small jobs as I knew it as a "Job Press".