Some of the people in my neighborhood

If I were to continue with my cartoon work, some characters images needed to be developed. The first one you should have read about already (Christo Balladingo).

Bob Thomas was the mailman for the downtown area. Not only did he deliver mail, but had a freindly banter with people with anyone that wanted to engage wih him. I also thought he sold cars for my father on Saterdays.

Mr. Ross had a junk yard by the railroad tracks about a block from dads garage. He had a bubbly personality as he entered our garage area and asked dad, "Henry, Do you have any scrap metal, copper, brass, batteries, tires?" If he came every few weeks, he could get a pickup load from our place. His son is the famous "Percy Ross" and you can find out all about him by going on the internet and type in "Percy Ross".

Mr. Kats was a bill collector my father used on a regular basis. He was Jewish but could also speak the Finish language.

There is a story about Morgan on the site.

A story about Taxi Pete will be done later.

The remaining characters are in the last two stories of Huba and first job.