Stop at the sign of the "Flying Red Horse"

I had to photo shop some sky, but anyway, this is my first attempt at detailing a street scene. Arrowhead Scale Models gave me these 2 two kits for featuring them in a scene so I gave it a whirl. Mc COSH Auto and Bob's Super Service are those resin kits Randy Brown assembled for me. The scene gets trashed now and then as one of the family cats walks through unexpectedly and often breaks a street light as you see in the foreground.

Donna's diner is a Campbell kit that fits into this rough part of town with ease.`There are several Campbell figures in the scene like the telephone lineman.

 A close up focuses on the busy bus stop with all the sidewalk junk to handle peoples needs while they wait. Also there are old news papers, weeds and dirt in the street.
 Our concrete paving material was used for the street and driveway for the first time in this scene. I like the natural effect for an older part of town that I prefer to model anyway.