Scratch building a George Sellios design service station with the Sinclair Brand

I do believe this was close to a Fine Scale Miniature kit as one of his "#270 Roadside Delights" that George also built for his layout. George's layout version and mine have the two garage stalls on the right. You can see what I'm talking about by referring to page 33 in George's book about his Franklin & South Manchester Railroad. The station also reappears on page 63 in the November Model Railroader. His has red trim and I went with the Sinclair green. I have about $40.00 in the scene that is mostly the cost of the detail parts.

We had 10 service stations in Calumet and I worked at one as a teenager and hung out at several others in town. This scene was made to go with my Gasoline Alley scene next door as that garage is at right.

Caserio's owned the Sinclair bulk plant and service station next to the railroad tracks on West Pine Street in Calumet. My friends parents owned a Sinclair Station a few blocks away on East Pine Street. Mine is just called the "Calumet" station. Every layout needs a close up action spot in every town, so this is the model chosen for the purpose here.


 Ma and Pa businesses

It now occurred to me that this building could represent a Ma and Pa business where home was up stairs. Close to half the business families lived that way in America as it was practical and also cut living expenses. This proved valuable especially with any down turn in the economy. Now there is a shift to working from the home and that's different than living above your business because it's now in a residential neighborhood.

I'm going to use this scene to feature three generations that share the property with each specializing in their own capacity. The left side is for Grandfather that is retired now and has finally found time to piddle with his favorite Model A roadster. The son still operates the gas station and does common "bay" work with lubes, tune ups and brakes. The grandson has learned automatic transmission rebuilding, auto electric and uses the open air area at the right.. This means I have a couple more hoists to model yet. This is actually a parallel of my own life.