My first job

The Tauren family owned a couple Phillips 66 stations, plus a bulk oil company by the railroad tracks. When I was about 13, John's father died and his mother was left with running the business. There was John's uncle Bob that was a bachelor man who lived with the family, but his main job was running the tanker truck. One day while hanging around the house with John, Mrs Tauren said to me, " Philip, you know about cars. why don't you work for me at the service station." The story line below is rather fictitious, I just wanted to draw a Hudson and 37 Ford.


 This is how the station building looks 50 years later.

It was after working here a couple years, a guy pulled in the lot with a 1955 Oldsmobile and asked," Does any one want to buy this car"? I believe the price was $150.00 and I owned it. This was my first registered car to drive on the highway. Forty cars later and my last car is a 1955 Oldsmobile.

Mrs. Taruen owned a service station in Phillipsville, a town a few miles North on US 41 that John and I ran one summer. It was kind of odd to work at a Phillips 66 station in Phillipsville.