A crisp looking Texaco

Not all buildings should be heavily weathered otherwise every thing begins to look the same. The signs are a bit weathered but the rest of the structure sports a new coat of paint. It's a waste of time detailing the interior if you can't see inside, so I have my equipment outside to keep it visible.

 The locals prefer the quick service provided by the Texaco over the hit and miss operation of the Amoco. Remember the old slogan," Trust your car to the man with the star". Oil companies even provided uniforms and caps for the service attendants so they looked professional and consistent across the U.S.A.


I made my own tall sign post as well as the small "hoop" sign out of brass by the hydrant. Notice the old way of having the pump island higher than the rest of the driveway. If you notice the 37 Ford, the rear is higher so you could get more gas in the tank for a "fill up". I forgot to install a few details as I got in a hurry to start one of those new projects elsewhere.