Two day car show in Williams Arizona

August 13th and 14th

Jane and I decided to go there on Sunday and arrived about 11:00 AM to realize most of the cars had pulled out. There was the usual mix of restored classic cars and 30's Ford Hot Rods. I only photographed the ones that interest me being the restored classic vehicles.

 The second Oldsmobile I owned was a 1957 four door sedan with gray paint (ugly as they come) but boy would it run. That year the engine was a 373 C.I.D. with the four speed Jetaway transmission that allowed the big boat to get off the line really fast.

Pictured below is one of those 57 "Dream Cars" that make you want to have again, only in this form of a two door hard top.

 The man with his back to the camera is "George" the owner of the car. The 1957 Olds is a one year body style with the three piece back window. Oldsmobile was a leader for General Motors as they developed the first "Hard Top" body style in 1949.
 Being that my father was a Chrysler dealer, he could have picked this type of Hard Top for his personal use vehicle. I asked my parents why they always get a four door instead of a two door? Mother stated that two door cars have heaver doors and hard for her to close. My mother was born with a weak wrist problem so we couldn't argue against that. I consider the car below an example of what we never had.
 Around 1963, I had a Hemi engine like this sitting on the floor of our garage that a guy gave to me. At that time, I was installing a used engine in my 1955 Oldsmobile and planning to leave home to attend school out of state. A local Taxi Cab company was still running Mopars and wanted the engine. I parted with it for a fifty dollar bill. This is just an example of something I once had, but should have kept.
 Ford in the 50's did not take a back seat with this stylish Crown Victoria owned by a local Williams business man.
 The Dodge Brothers stated buy making parts for other car companies including Ford. They made so many Ford parts that Fords were really Dodge's. Eventually, the Dodge Brothers came out with their own car in the late 20's that was a huge success. Based on the style of the grill of the car below, I would guess that it's and early 30's model and under the wing of Chrysler by then.
The owners of the cars were attending a prize ceremony down the street at not by the cars to ask questions
 Another Great Depression era car is this Terra Plane built by Hudson Motor Company. Hudson had moderate success with the Essex they built in the 20's, but never used the "Hudson" name until the 40's.
 Looking at old cars got us in the mood to drive down the hill and catch Route 66 to Seligman.